Community Workshop Series Schedule

10:30am-11:05am • Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline
This workshop will introduce and explore the school-to-prison pipeline, answering such questions as what it is; why it’s important, why parents should be concerned about it; and how it affects students in SFUSD. There will also be an introduction to some different strategies for breaking the school-to-prison pipeline and creating alternatives for student success.

11:15am-11:50am • Change 101: How Parents Can Create Policy Change in Schools
Parents can make a change in school policy that affects their children, and their involvement and support are essential to dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline. This workshop will teach parents strategies to change policy in their children’s schools.

12pm-12:35pm • EXPECT MORE! Staying on the College Track
Parents can support their students in their educational journeys by being aware of the various academic resources and options available. This workshop will discuss the A-G requirements for admission to the UC and CSU university system as well as the overall impact of higher education and why it’s important for a successful future.

12:45pm-1:20pm • Step-up: Parents Taking a Stronger Role
Parents can take a bigger role in their children’s academic path and life. This workshop examines the significance of being involved in your child’s educational choices and the importance of maintaining open communication and ongoing engagement with your children’s teachers.

1:30pm-2:05pm • Restorative Justice: Class Time, Not Jail Time
This workshop will be an intimate conversation on the solution-driven policy of restorative justice in SFUSD and how this alternative to zero-tolerance school discipline policies has the potential to break the school-to-prison pipeline in San Francisco.  Parents will learn how, and why, restorative justice works to keep the hopes and dreams of today’s youth alive.

2:15pm-2:50pm • HIP-POP Culture: The Digital Native
Clarity Creative Institute’s “HIP-POP Culture: The Digital Native” is a highly interactive multi-media training designed to educate and inform parents, educators, caregivers and professionals on the impact and influence of today’s 21st Century Digital Media Culture. This workshop helps participants navigate through the challenges of digital media technologies; social media, websites, songs, slanguage and sms/text messaging.


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