Exposing the “Cradle to Prison Pipeline”

In a very interesting piece “Ending the Cradle to Prison Pipeline and Mass Incarceration — the New American Jim Crow,” Marian Wright Edelman outlines the issues of the school to prison pipeline and mass incarceration.  As president of the Children’s Defense Fund, Edelman explains how difficult it is for many children of color in the United States to get opportunities to succeed, go to college, and get productive work.  Her piece highlights the significant inequity of outcomes, particularly in education, that must be addressed to ensure the success of students of color in the United States.

As Edelman artfully argues: “The toxic cocktail of poverty, racial disparities in child serving systems, poor education, zero tolerance school discipline policies, racial profiling, unbridled prosecutorial discretion, and racial disparities in arrests and sentencing are funneling millions of young and older poor people of color, especially males, into dead end, powerless and hopeless lives. So we are bringing an extraordinary group of experts together at our national conference to talk about how to halt the epidemic and get our nation back on course and our children into a pipeline to college and productive work.”

As part of the Children’s Defense Fund’s National Conference in July, a group of experts will be gathering to raise awareness on this critical issue.

Check out the full piece on HuffPost


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