Posted in July 2012

A-G Courses and Ending the School to Prison Pipeline

The UC and CSU state systems require that applicants complete the so-called A-G academic requirements, which means that without these courses, students are ineligible to apply for California’s public university systems.  Many students lack either the opportunity or the proper guidance to ensure that they take these required courses and as a result are unable … Continue reading

Exposing the “Cradle to Prison Pipeline”

In a very interesting piece “Ending the Cradle to Prison Pipeline and Mass Incarceration — the New American Jim Crow,” Marian Wright Edelman outlines the issues of the school to prison pipeline and mass incarceration.  As president of the Children’s Defense Fund, Edelman explains how difficult it is for many children of color in the … Continue reading

Recognizing Community Heroes: Midge Wilson

Sometimes in focusing on the problems affecting our youth today, we forget to recognize the successes, or acknowledge the heroic efforts of community members fighting every day to make things better. However, one San Francisco resident is showing us what can be accomplished with dedication and a big heart. Midge Wilson, founder of the Bay … Continue reading